Conditions of Use

1. Each transaction is considered as binding. By placing an order, the customer confirms that he/she agrees to the rules of trade, payment options, delivery terms, complaints procedure and conditions, and is familiar with the personal data protection regulations. 

2. We kindly ask you to provide accurate and truthful information in the order form. This is to ensure that the order will reach you. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This is your last chance to check the accuracy of the data entered. Please contact us immediately if you notice any error in the placed order.

3. In case a difference in price occurs between the one visible on the website and the one in the placed order, you should always take into consideration the one that is listed in the already placed order.

4. We reserve the right to contact the customer by telephone to verify the order with regards to the terms of higher order value, missing or inaccurate data etc. 


Placing orders and delivery of products

1. The buyer orders products from BETON PLAST company by using the shopping cart in the e-shop.

2. Each order must include the following details: 

a) for private orders: full name, telephone number, selected product, number of products, method of payment, method of delivery.

b) for company orders: company name, contact person, telephone number, company registration number, VAT ID, selected product, number of products, method of payment, method of delivery. 

Register with us and make the ordering process easier for yourself. Filling out forms will only take you couple of minutes. Registration will make ordering more simple, filling out forms will take minimum amount of time. ULTRAPLAST processes orders on a first come, first serve basis.

3. BETON PLAST will send your order confirmation via e-mail together with an estimate of your product delivery. 

4. BETON PLAST provides delivery via shipping service that includes full value insurance on goods. 

5. BETON PLAST provides a cash on delivery option for sending goods. The full value insurance on goods is provided.

6. When choosing personal delivery option, please check if your order is correct and complete. Don’t forget to provide your signature upon the receipt of your delivery. 

7. Products are packed and secured by BETON PLAST. Upon delivery the buyer needs to check that the delivered item is intact and complete, and confirm it in the delivery note. 

8. BETON PLAST is responsible for goods until the receipt of goods by buyer. Goods and services have been receipted by buyer or his representative or carrier (which is his representative no matter who pays the shipping costs and insurance in time of delivery), when he could dispose with goods and services in BETON PLAST company or in other place of delivery, which BETON PLAST has confirmed.

BETON PLAST is responsible for goods until their delivery to the buyer has been confirmed via the delivery note. 

Returns policy 

1. According to law, goods purchased via our e-shop can be returned, without giving any reason, within 7 working days from receiving the order. We extend this period to 14 days.

2. The return of goods has to be documented with a proof of purchase.

3. Goods must be undamaged, with no signs of use.



1. The products’ list and the selling prices can be found in the catalogue. Seller has the right to update the price list according to the changes in the production programme of each producer.

2. Prices visible on the website do not include VAT (unless specified differently), which will be paid by the customer according to the tax rate.

3. BETON PLAST reserves the right to amend prices with respect to significant adjustments of suppliers (significant adjustment means an increase in supplier’s prices by at least 2%), in case of change in exchange.


Methods of payment

BETON PLAST accepts one of the following payment methods:

- by CreditCard/DebitCard: Buyer makes an online payment for ordered goods


Rights and responsibilities of the seller and the buyer

1. Regardless of other provisions, BETON PLAST is not responsible for the buyer’s loss of profit, loss of opportunity or any other indirect or consequential losses incurred otherwise.

2. Buyer agrees that goods, which are licensed, or subject to export control law of U.S., Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Federal Republic of Germany and Slovak Republic, will not be exported directly  or indirectly to: - countries, that are subject to limitations by the U.S., Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Federal Republic of Germany and Slovak Republic (currently countries such as Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Sudan) or - the end user, who was by the federal Government of the United States are forbidden to be a part of U.S. exports.

3. BETON PLAST and the buyer commit to respect the confidentiality of information obtained in mutual trade for the period of at least 12 months following the contractual relationship, which means business transaction.


The warranty period and returns policy

1. All kinds of goods offered by us are covered by a free extended warranty period of 3 years.

2. Reclamation of goods is only possible when goods were bought from and paid for to ULTRAPLAST company.

3. In applying the reclamation, BETON PLAST provides the receipt of claimed goods itself, claimed goods must be clean, without mechanical damage, in the original packaging, including manuals, copy of delivery note, warranty card and  invoice.

4. Together with the delivery of claimed goods you need to provide us with a filled in complaint’s note.

5. We provide free claim for a justified warranty.

6. BETON PLAST reserves the right to extend the time of respond to complaint, when goods need to be repaired with other suppliers, for the period strictly necessary to that repair.


Warranty Services

BETON PLAST is not responsible, and will not accept reclamations, when the defect was caused by a mechanical damage caused by the customer.


Privacy policy

BETON PLAST as a provider of the online store BETON PLAST e-shop

at declares and commits not to share any personal data to third side companies without the owner’s approval and will not use any personal data for any commercial offerings without the customer’s consent. At the same time BETON PLAST is committed to the customer’s request, without any reason at no time will be customer’s personal data deleted from the database.


The final Provisions

1. If the competent authority of the United Kingdom shows that some of these conditions are invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity and enforcements of the other conditions remain unaffected.

2. Customer’s rights arising from the Consumer Protection Law, in relation to BETON PLAST, remain unaffected of these conditions.

3. BETON PLAST e-shop and the customer are not responsible for any delay occurring in completion of the commitment resulting from these conditions, if this delay was caused by “force majeure” or by circumstances excluding liability and this side has a right to reasonable extension of the period in fulfilling its commitment.

4. The legal relations and conditions, which are not covered here, or possible disputes arising from these conditions are governed by the Commercial Code.

5. These conditions come into force on 1st October 2012.